Ids Aalbers | Digital Cinematography |
Ids Aalbers | Digital Cinematography provides high-end audiovisual content and cinematography services for commercial and artistic purposes.
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Ids Aalbers | Director – Cinematographer


Like many other filmmakers I started out making short films with my dad’s videocamera when I was very young. After I won an award for a videoclip I landed my first job at a media company at the age of fifteen. From that moment on I started to buy professional equipment, refine my skills and eventually build a company. I graduated with my first thirty minute short film Anathema shortly after a successful crowdfunding campaign. My goal is to achieve an unique style by combining different kinds of visual and cultural art. Personally, I value honesty, trustworthiness and dedication.




tel. 0648541036

office. Romkeslaan 59a

8933 AR Leeuwarden